salem-the sound of an confusion x the future x drugs x alien radio

this group has by far one of the most distinguishable sounds i've heard in years. they are pioneering a genre. the future is about hybridity and this group is developing an audible language that pairs the unlikely sounds of psychedelia, goth, juke and rap. their music sounds like it could communicate with some unknown life form thats way more evolved than us, it really creates an experience.

este grupo tiene uno de los sonidos mas distinguido que escuchado en anos. son pioneros de un nuevo genero de music. el futuro se concentra en las formas hibridas y este grupo esta construyendo un lenguaje audible que pone en pare los improbable sonidos de psychedelia, goth, juke y rap. la musica de ellos suena como que podiera comunicarce con formas de vida mas evolucionadas de nosotros, crea una experience para el oyente.

great remix of one of their songs found on youtube

house of la dosha- total domination.

house of la dosha is composed of 3 marvellous boys named antonio, adam and ojay. they are compelling performers and their musical project house of la dosha takes a really hard, hood, futuristic approach on gay sex, sexuality, gender performance and obsessions with vanity. this is what homosexuality will look like in the mainstream, it is no longer defined by the hyper-active aesthetic and sound of the 90's 'paris is burning' lineage, but rather exposes the dark, honest, putrid side of the life of the modern queen.
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house of la dosha, brooklyn, 2009

google search: jesus christ and earth

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media futurist- gerd leonhard- my latest obsession

my recent obsession is with understanding the future and what the development of so many technological advancements will mean for my visual, performance and sound projects. i've watched just about all the videos i can find by gerd leonhard, dont be fooled although he focuses mostly on the music industry in his career as a media futurist, his projections and analysis is applicable to our understanding of all things in the future, because consumption is streamlining and the tangible product is dying. i recommend everyone become obsessed with him he's really perceptive.