Alot of the jewelry i've been making I refer to as a synthesis of aesthetics and ideas i've been fascinated with for a long time. My father is from Ecuador and naturally I have an inclination towards the indigenous culture as well as the lush green landscape of the country. The markets in Otavalo, located in the highlands just north of Quito were a huge resource of inspiration for me after I traveled home in 2007. NYC, the home I know best however offers very little of these same influences. Here I am drawn to the punk and gothic aesthetics, even grunge... the city boasts of an organized filth and layers of hardship, substance abuse and ingenuity among other things that can can propel you downward and so the pieces im working on, jewelry and abound try to balance the spirit with its demons. In New York, I require a very specific balance of destructive behavior and absolutely pure behavior. The pieces of jewelry entitled SORCIERE concoct magic remedies in their existence joining the ideas and energies of the purest and most evil to make a sort of hanging altar that will balance you anywhere.

skeletal family-she cries alone.